Friday, 5 August 2011

Geese a Break !

What a lovely surprise this afternoon when 9 Canada geese dropped into the river for a quick bite and a break. I was feeding our 9 cygnets when I heard the loud trumpeting honk of the geese as they flew in from the east, over the Island and circled round to land just yards from the island grazing. The young ducks had never seen such strange looking creatures and seemed bemused by them. The Geese quickly started eating and obviously needed the break, the swans were some distance away and never saw them. I wondered if this was a family unit of parents and 7 young. This is the first time I have ever seen Canada geese in the river itself. After 20 minutes of refreshment they headed off into the southerly breeze. It was a perfect setting, except for the vandalised riverside contribution by the council ! Several people have already remarked on the destruction of wildlife habitat, I am still waiting for an explanation from someone for this outrage ?

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