Sunday, 14 August 2011

Swallows Fledged

The Swallows I discovered a few weeks ago have now fully fledged and only return to the nest to roost. They now have just over 5 weeks to hone their flying skills and put on some reserves to start the long journey to Africa. Usually they leave around the 23 Sept, roughly the same time as the Geese start arriving here for the winter. After the summer we've had I'm sure a lot would like to follow them ! I found another gull yesterday with a broken leg, too bad to repair it myself so will take it to the vet in the morning. I would like to see it survive because it's healthy otherwise and showed a strong determination to live when I discovered it. If the leg cant be saved I will ask for an amputation, I have seen several birds in the past that survive perfectly well on one leg. Meanwhile I have given it an anti - inflammatory to reduce the pain.


Elaine said...

How did the Gull go at the vets Joe?

jayteescot1 said...

Haven't heard yet Elaine, they were very busy today with lots of ops booked and only one Vet.
But I left instructions to save the leg if at all possible, amputate as last resort !