Sunday, 16 October 2011

Chief Gurner Rises to the Top

I note that Nairn's Chief Gurner, aka the Gurnmeister, aka Graisg, aka Des Scholes our New river community councillor to be -intends to raise the river pollution issue at the next River Community Council meeting. I have long felt that the RCC should have pressed Scottish water and SEPA for more action to prevent sewage leakages into the river. Previously highlighted pollution incidents on both the "" and this blog, have given graphic images of unacceptable pollution into a clean Salmon river, and only a few hundred yards from our tourist beaches ! I did send a comment to Des but he saw fit not to publish it, which is his right of course. The gist of which was that I advised the resident adjacent to the brochers brae leak to contact SEPA,(Scottish Environmental Protection Agency) since she has young children that play in that contaminated area. She said she had spoken to Scottish water and that they said that funds were not available to fix the leak ! They then turned up with a 5 gallon drum of disinfectant and splashed it all over the grass beside the leak. I told the resident that she should in fact be talking to SEPA since they have the powers to make Scottish water solve the problem. Since Des has highlighted the issue yet again and as a new Community Councillor, I asked if he would take action on this matter ? He seems to have risen to the challenge, good luck Des ! (Previous pics of River pollution enclosed, swans were swimming in and drinking it on Oct 1st above.)


Graisg said...

Joe, that post didn’t come in on the hyperlinked blogger tag you use on your occasional postings on the Gurn, therefore I e-mailed for confirmation but perhaps used an old address? Anyway it is now published.
Time for the community to get action from Scottish Water on this. S*** on the footpaths and in the river in such quantities should be a thing of the past yes!

jayteescot1 said...

Yes I would agree, if there was a burst water main in a Street they would have the funds to fix it right away.There should be no difference when it comes to a burst sewage pipe ! It is equally important.

joe said...

Des according to my photo records, the sewage leaked from the triangular wall on July the 9th and 10th and also August 24th and October the 1st and 10th. There have been other occasions in September and at other times when I did not happen to be around with a camera. These are not occasional leaks, and with the climate change forecasting increasing rain for this part of the world it should be fixed pronto ! You are welcome to copy the triangular wall leak pic and include it in your letter to Scottish water .