Saturday, 1 October 2011

Eleven Swans a Swimming

Our 3 day Indian Summer has vanished, and Autumn rules again with leaden skies and steady rain for half the day. The storm drains were again overflowing into the river, and it felt like Scotland again instead of the Costa Del Moray. Being the first of October I took the usual reference shots of the Swans - now four and a half months old and almost as big as their parents. Size is not the only similarity, if you observe the top pic you will see the pen and one of her offspring side by side. The small v notch on the side of her bill (where the black meets the orange bill) has been passed on to her offspring, it's these small marks that allows me to follow some of the Swans now and in the future. October is often the month that Swans chase their offspring away, we shall await the parents action on this...but don't hold your breath for they may keep them a few months yet ! I have to say they are looking good and many comments from holiday makers from all parts of the country who have never seen a family of 9 cygnets ever !

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