Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Injured Duck Still Around

Just over two years ago I saw a duck on the river with the tip of it's bill missing, it looked quite yellow and raw. I got the impression it was infected and maybe had been bitten off by a mink ? Having recently treated another bird at the time, I had some spare antibiotics in the cupboard and decided to give it a course for 6 days to prevent the infection from spreading further.

It did the trick and stopped the rot and the natural colour seemed to come back, but the damage had been done as far as the bit that was missing. Anyway she went up river each spring, no doubt to nest because she did have a mate, but she has never returned with any ducklings. It's great to see her come down river each year, and she is still very much on the go. The two pics at the top I took today with the new camera, the others are from two years ago when I first saw her. I am hoping she will turn up with ducklings next year !

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