Thursday, 24 November 2011

More NO NO'S

I came across more stupidity last weekend in the form of broken glass on the river bed. This is extremely dangerous to the wildlife, especially the Swans with their large webbed feet. The tissue on their feet is full of blood vessels, and can be cut just as easily as a dogs paw or our feet !

Please keep an eye out for these idiots and haul them up, or report them. I have gone down into the river bed several times to remove shattered glass and splinters which could be ingested by the Swans or ducks. Feeding the swans and ducks Mouldy white bread is also a No No - mouldy bread of any kind is poisonous to swans and ducks - DON'T DO IT !! Again whole slices of mouldy bread dumped into the river at merryton this week. If you want to help feed the river Wildlife , then either buy Wholewheat grain or give a donation to me and I will guarantee the Swans and ducks will get the full benefit of it .

A MESSAGE FOR Mr SS - you are overdoing the Carrots and wheat (Pic above). The carrots are sliced ok but too large for the Swans to eat, anything bigger than a 2P piece has to be broken in half. In addition you are dumping it in a heap and in the wrong place ! Dumping it amongst dead leaves and pine needles does not suit the wildlife. (pine needles get stuck in their throats )Better to spread it around the middle pillars from the merryton bridge, that way the Swans and ducks will get it even as the tide goes out. Try to avoid spilling it all over the path as well. I know you mean well, but please take advice from years of experience.

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