Monday, 23 January 2012

New Visitor - Update

The Muscovy duck appears to have been moved off the island by the Swans and was sitting on the rocks off the west pier this morning. It seems very tame and used to people, so probably was someone's pet or on a farm.
It can also fly which is great, and more likely to avoid danger. If someone is missing their duck, maybe they would like to retrieve, and take it home ?

I had reports of an unusual bird up river before Christmas, and from the description I guessed it was either a Muscovy or Mandarin duck. Today, the answer appeared on the Swans Island and my first guess was right - It is indeed a Muscovy duck. I suspect it has either escaped from some farm or perhaps someone's pet that has been let loose ? Muscovy Ducks are generally farmed as a domestic species, and originate from Mexico and South America. I hope it can fly, because the 4 Khaki Campbell ducks introduced into the harbour a few months ago, were either killed or taken within 10 days, because they were unable to fly away from danger. Birds that have clipped wings and put into a wild environment will easily fall prey to mink, otters and dogs ! Whoever put these species into the wild should take note !!

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