Thursday, 1 March 2012


Even though the weather has been spring like for weeks, the Swans are still not inclined to start nesting. It seems that nest timing is not determined by nice unseasonal weather, but more to do with solar seasons. Around the spring Equinox, seems to be the real starting point for nesting - based on previous swan nesting seasons. They may not have visible clocks, but evolution has provided the Swans with built in ones ! They know when there is equal light and dark hours, and have their young hatching at the optimum time to suit an abundance of natural foodstuff - thereby giving their offspring the best chance of survival.

We all know that timing is critical for most things in life, especially when it comes to natural survival. I received a remarkable link to a bit of video from a friend of mine this week - showing an Osprey using timing for catching it's prey, if you like the natural world...well worth watching...enjoy !

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