Monday, 31 December 2012

Ducklings and Trust Update

The Ducklings are having a Happy New Year, and so is our newly formed Trust.
It appears that 4 of the ducklings are females and 3 are drakes, this is ideal since we want a balance of gender on the river. They are tucking into their lettuce and grain feed but will be released very shortly, when life in the wild will be upon them ! 

Several more local people joined the trust today, and I can assure you all that the membership cards will be sent out as soon as they arrive with me.
The lovely Swans photo is on your membership card !
A very Happy and peaceful New year to all my viewers.


grovecanada said...

I am happy to report that so many people are helping to feed the swans & other waterbirds at Bluffer's Park that the Parks & recreation people are threatening to enforce the $375 fine for feeding the birds...This gives me great joy & relief that they will be fine this winter...The two parents had a bunch of cygnets last year & another bunch this year...June is when they bring forth...These past two years of fruitfulness were also the two years that I started bringing them wild bird seed in winter...My idea was that the higher nutrition would help them survive the cold better...I had no idea it would help them so much they would be creating new swans? 5 cygnets the first June, 7 cygnets in 2012...Previously no new swans from the whole untreated corn ( a low grade animal feed) they were feeding...So good nutrition is key...Thank you so much for your support & intelligent analysis of how to rescue & rehabilitate & food choices & political things too...I lean on you alot, just by reading your blog & looking at the photos & videos...Happy New Year to you & yours & especially to Sari & Josephine the ducklings who I love so much & kiss & hug...(if you can kiss them literally on the head that would be nice, from me & Joseph!)(Our intact lady bengal cats Jadzia & B'Elanna also send you a kiss on the head!)...(The Trumpeters swans also say hi & a do the ducks here & the Canada geese!)...I am getting a wide angle conversion lens for my little camera so I am hoping to get some slightly better photos to show this well...Sari Grove

jayteescot1 said...

Hello Sari, A very Happy New Year to you and yours! Lovely to hear from you again, and the good news about your Trumpeter swans and their offspring. There's no doubt that good quality feed provides better health for the wildlife, this of course goes for all of us humans as well. We are constantly being to told to eat healthily etc. Why should the wildlife be excluded from this goodness ? I'm pretty sure our Swans benefit from wheat, carrots, and poultry pellets that I feed them during the winter. I think the argument you are most likely to get is, don't interfere with nature and let them fend for themselves and don't make them dependent. My own view is, that ever since humans stood upright, we have been interfering with nature and continue to plunder the planet right now. How many humans are dependent on state benefits, and on shops, and hospitals, and all the utilities that we take for granted - all of us are dependent in some form or another. The wildlife are entitled to share the planet, and all the bounty that we can bestow on them. They enhance our spirit and soul, and deserve to be cherished and cared for, especially during hard times like winter. Their existence is just as important as ours, and the sooner humans realise this, the better for all living things on the Planet.
Sari and Josephine and their brothers and sisters will all be released tomorrow morning, with a big kiss from you to help them on their way !
I hope 2013 brings you and your Trumpeters much joy and happiness !