Saturday, 16 February 2013

Duck Characters

It's good to see some old duck characters still on the go after quite a few years in the river. One of them I am particularly fond of is Hookie, a drake with a deformed left foot. I first noticed him in 2008, the foot is like a hook and think perhaps he was born with the deformity. He gets picked on by the other ducks, because he is different - just like most species! Nevertheless he has survived at least 7 years, and I do feed him when I see him.

Meanwhile the bantam call ducks are thriving and very bossy, they have no problem scaring off the Mallards. 

Sari and Jo are also doing OK, but Jo has an injured right leg, she can still use it but has a limp, hopefully she will recover completely.  This mild spell is causing a lot of excitement among the ducks, far too spring like !

The tufted ducks have now departed the river with the mild weather, what characters they are !

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