Thursday, 7 February 2013

Getting Stuck In

After yesterday's shocking sight of the injured pigeons beak, I was keen to see it's condition this morning. What joy to see it getting stuck into the grain and wild bird seed, it has been pecking away with short breaks in between - I don't think it has eaten for many days.

 For the upper mandible to be driven through the lower one must have taken some impact, I can only think it must have been a collision with a car windscreen or into a window.  Although still puffed up, with plenty of food and rest I am confident it will fully recover in a few days . ( short vid below )


Zeid Ghokahsaw said...

Hello, I've found this post while trying to help a pigeon that came to my window, I usually put seeds for birds, today a pigeon came and was puffed like the one in the picture, and has something stuck in its beak, i cant figure out what it is, the pigeon keeps flying away.. Is it something common to happen to pigeons, or should I catch it and try to help it?

jayteescot1 said...

A puffed up pigeon usually means it is unwell, and could be sick for a variety of reasons. If it has something stuck in it's beak it would be wise if you could catch it and give it some help.