Monday, 15 April 2013

Fifteen to One

Mother Duck and Ducklings have taken to the Aviary like a duck to water, and they are behaving as though they were on the riverside. 

Every so often she calls them over and gets them warm under her wings and has a nap.

Like any babies they need fed every few hours, so she takes them to the shower tray and they peck around for the chick starter feed, mealworm, and whatever else they can find.

 The gale force winds on the river and snow melt spate would have cost a few duckling lives over the past 24 hours, so I'm glad they are safe and sound meanwhile.

Having 15  ducklings underneath one duck gets more difficult by the day, and if you look you will see a wee one looking out. 

The warm southerly wind has brought the first sand martins of the season, and I saw about a dozen yesterday over the river. 

Two Goosanders were also fishing in the turbid water today.

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Elaine C said...

I've been watching these two for a few days, the female is beautiful - now I know what they are called, Thanks!!