Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Journeys End

After an extended journey of two and half weeks , the Links Mother duck with the first 15 ducklings finally made it to the river.

The detour via the River Trust Aviary, will at least have given the ducklings a chance of survival. 

The second brood of 13 ducklings are now down to one after 6 days in the river, It's tough being a duck. With the help of Trust member George, we transported the mother Duck and her 15 ducklings to a safe spot away from the single Drakes. 

This should give her a chance to choose whether to take the ducklings upstream or down the river without unwanted attention from the drakes. It will be interesting to see where she goes, and how many survive over the coming weeks.

George tells me he spotted another duck with 5 ducklings near the granites this morning, lets hope some of them survive.

UPDATE. I saw the ducklings tonight minus one already, and the mother who had 13 has lost them all. Short vid of the ducklings below.

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