Friday, 17 May 2013

A Day At The Beach

Within 2 days of hatching the cygnets were taken to the sea, this has always been the custom of Popeye and Penny.

The introduction to the big wide world shows no fear to these tiny cygnets, escorted by two very protective parents.

 Even gulls that got too close were given short shrift by Popeye. With the ebb tide exposing plenty of fine seaweed for the cygnets to eat, and pleasant weather too. 

Penny allowed as many as 6 cygnets onto her back at one stage but it was pretty crowded at that. 

River weed is in short supply and growth is just as late as the rest of the vegetation this spring, I think they will be visiting the beach more often for that reason this year.

After a hard day at the beach, it was time to retire to the safety and comfort of the island nest


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