Sunday, 19 May 2013

Duckling Fracture Success

The astonishing power of recovery after a severe fracture of the ducklings thigh bone is complete. After 10 days I returned the duckling to the family, in the hope that it would not be rejected by the mother. Choosing the place carefully whilst feeding the family I released the duckling into the water, it made a beeline for the group and was hardly noticed.

When they all moved off as a family unit I was delighted. Once again what seemed an impossible rehab circumstance was turned on it's head. The break was a displacement fracture high up at the thigh joint inside the body of the duckling, it could not be plastered, splinted or pinned.

The key was to isolate the bird in a comfortable, completely stress free environment, with food, water and a daily painkiller. The bird basically found the most comfortable natural position to rest, allowing the natural healing process to take over.

Within 6 days it was able to walk using the whole limb, and within another 4 days it was almost putting all it's weight on it. Being only a month old, and growing rapidly has probably helped a lot too. It has a limp, but at least a totally usable leg as well - I am delighted !

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