Friday, 19 July 2013

Avian Heroes

After Faiths horrific loss of her bill, several blog followers and sympathisers came forward with suggestions about a prosthetic bill. Sadly Faiths injury was so bad that she died. However, many good contacts have come from this tragedy, and the beauty of the internet is the instant communication and knowledge about every subject under the Sun. One contact I have in Rome, a wildlife enthusiast called Luca who is currently caring for an injured bird, sent me the following pics and short video of an Italian Vet who fitted a prosthetic lower beak to a Canary. He has given me permission to show it on my blog, my thanks to my friend Luca and Dr Emilio Noviello for the pics and uplifting video. 

The Trust have our own Avian Hero in the form of Sue Hulbert, who frequently gives me advice, material, and information on fixing avian problems. 
Sue is currently caring for 13 cygnets, 2 adult swans, 8 hedgehogs, 6 ducks and numerous small birds !  The last photo is of a duckling with a broken leg that she repaired. These people are my Avian Heroes !

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