Monday, 1 July 2013

Duck Still Alive

Today I was shocked to discover the mother duck with no Bill still alive, she came close to me looking for food but was unable to eat, it was heartbreaking. This evening I tried again to catch her because she came close looking for food, again she was much too quick to take flight. I will probably get her when she is so weak that she can't fly away, it is very frustrating. Ironically after the last attempt to catch her I noticed a seagull on the island trailing an almost severed wing, so I managed to chase and catch it of course.

 The SSPCA picked it up a short while ago. The Swans are back to their old self, and oblivious to the pain and discomfort they inflicted on me a few days ago, 

Think I named popeye more spinach for him !!

Thanks to all those who have wished me well, and offered support for any future rescues.

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