Saturday, 6 July 2013

Faith Has Died

My heart sank when I saw only the ducklings in the Aviary this morning, checking the coop I found poor Faith laying dead in the straw, I was gutted.

Yesterday she was showing signs of failing, no interest in the ducklings and listless. I weighed her and found that she had lost more than half her body weight at just under 1 lb. I think loss of blood, and weight, and the horrendous injury was just all too much to recover from. 
Perhaps if I had caught her sooner she might have stood a better chance. The only consolation I can draw was the fact that she died in the comfort of the coop surrounded by her ducklings, knowing they were OK. 
Nevertheless it is hard to bear the loss of such a brave and courageous creature. Maybe I'm getting too old and emotional for this job.


Woody said...

Faith was surely doomed to die from her wounds, but gave her comfort in her last days. It would have been worse if you had not helped! Martin

jayteescot1 said...

I know there was no long term future for her, but as always I keep thinking if only I had done things differently, maybe the outcome would have been better.