Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Indian Summer ?

What an Amazing Summer we've had, 4 months and it's still looking good at the start of October. This is even better than 1976 from my recollections. The final count on surviving ducklings this year is 45 so far, I hope we don't get any late surprises like last years Halloween ducklings !

It has been a good year for the river birds, and all down to the good weather.

The Geese are back in sizable numbers, and can be seen and heard daily. Also on the go are 5 goosanders having a gander at the Swans as they came upstream today. 

The white duck has also returned for the winter months, after spending most of the summer half a mile away.

The river has been useless for fishing this year, with almost no significant rainfall throughout the summer.

This is the global warming we were all hoping for locally !

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