Saturday, 26 October 2013

Lonely Cygnet

Yesterday I noticed a new cygnet had arrived in the river, Popeye and Penny also noticed, and for a while I thought maybe they would adopt it having recently lost one of their own. Alas they chose not to, and have tried to eject it from the river with intimidation and pecking. Today I had several phone calls from the Police, and reports from several residents that the cygnet was injured and on the bank near the River court flats.

An hour before dark I had a look at the cygnet and it looked tired out and sitting in a dangerous location vulnerable to a possible dog attack.

The best course of action was to bring it back to the aviary out of harms way, I will be able to check it during the daylight hours tomorrow for any possible injuries. 
Meanwhile it is hungry, and have given it a selection of natural foods like Wheat, grass , carrots, and lettuce.
It is about 3 weeks younger than our Nairn swans, smaller, and I think female. It has probably been sent packing by it's own parents, for this is the time of year when cygnets are expelled from the territorial home. 
My thanks to those residents who acted in the interests of the cygnet. Pics tell the story.

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