Sunday, 27 October 2013

Solo The Cygnet

Clocks back and Winter starts today, I always did hate the clocks going back, and still hate the overnight plunge into Winter. The day was at least quite pleasant, and I got the chance to check out Solo the lonely cygnet. I think she may have hurt one of her legs slightly on landing, nothing serious but enough to make her avoid walking unless she really has to, otherwise she has no injuries that I can detect. 

She only requires some R and R, and a little time to mature a bit more, I think she has been expelled from the family home too soon, or may have got lost during a training flight.  A couple of weeks to build up her strength, then released into a flock of young cygnets that have also left home is the answer. I filled the paddling pool and she spent the entire day in it, until I put her in the aviary at dark. 

This might be the reason she is rather weak on the legs, she may have been reared in a pond where she rarely if ever walked, and this would account for the legs being underdeveloped and not yet up to the rigours of take - off and landing. I have decided to call her Solo, and was pleased to see her finally eating the lettuce, grass, and Wheat. (Short video below showing her having a preen in a relaxed setting.) 

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