Thursday, 5 March 2015

Rock Dove Rehab

Having treated a Rock dove for a ruptured air sac last week, I thought the problem was solved.
Two days later he came back to the door with his balloon neck again filled with air from the rupture ! 

     I thought there was no way he would walk in the door again after the first experience, but I was astonished to see him come in the doorway for the second time! Since then I have extracted the air twice a day and given him a course of antibiotics as well.  Initially I was taking out a dozen syringes full of air twice a day, after a week I am now only getting 1 syringe full once a day.

 This rupture must have been severe and I think he has been hit by a vehicle on the left side, half his tail feathers are missing, and he has a bare patch on the left underside as well. 
I am fairly certain he is almost healed and hopefully can let him rejoin his flock soon, I am lucky I got a second chance to solve the problem . 

Meanwhile he is confined to the Aviary and looking much better, as the pics show. 

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