Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Arrivederci Roma....Hello Orkney !

A few years back I met a couple from Rome who were visiting Scotland on holiday.

Luca and Marina were impressed by Scotland and Orkney in particular, they enjoy photographing the wildlife.

 Our resident Swans they find most impressive, and have just enjoyed 2 days admiring Popeye, Penny and the Cygnets, something they cant see in Rome !  We have kept in touch over the past few years and they keep an eye on the blog too. 

They are bird lovers and have saved many sick and injured birds when living in Rome. Luca and Marina have now decided to migrate to Orkney and I wish them well. 

At considerable cost they have brought two birds with them which they could not part with, an African grey Parrot called Karma and a Monk parakeet called Puck which they saved from death a while back. I had the joy of meeting these birds today and could feel the love and bond between Luca, Marina and Karma and Puck.

 Karma they have had for 13 years,and it does speak both Italian and some English, more than can be said for my Italian !! 

As a matter of interest Luca tells me that Rome is plagued by seagulls - much more than we have here....so stop complaining !  

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