Saturday, 2 May 2015

Trapped Ducklings Rescue

Ducks are amazing at choosing awkward nest sites, safety from predators is their primary concern, and who can blame them. They have to lay and incubate their clutch undisturbed for 5 weeks.  With that in mind, one of the ducks I helped rehab 3 years ago - a sister of Sari one of the light coloured ducks chose a very good nest site. 

Unfortunately it was behind a wall which the hatched ducklings had no chance of scaling. I did provide a ramp the day before hatching, but for whatever reason she did not use it and I had no choice but to rescue the whole family of 8 ducklings. They are now safely in the coop, and will have the use of the Aviary for the next few weeks until it's safe to release them back to the river. 

                         I am particularly pleased with this rescue, because this same duck had two broods last year - all of which were taken by crows....this time she will have something to crow about when she gets back to the river !

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