Sunday, 31 May 2015

West End Rescue

Was flagged down by a local resident this afternoon and told about a light coloured mother duck and one duckling in Thurlow road. This light coloured duck is one of three rescued last year and the sister of the one rescued last week in Harbour street. I had no choice but to investigate and was lucky enough to find a resident who saw the duck and duckling in her garden, apparently it had 4 ducklings earlier but the Crows were picking them off. The mother was sitting in a driveway with one solitary duckling underneath her. I managed to get her into a corner and caught both her and the duckling. 

She is now beside her sister in the garage coop, she will share the Aviary for a month before I put them back in the river.  Seems like we have 2 sisters, one who preferred Fishertown and one who preferred the west end ! 

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