Sunday, 5 July 2015

Another Glebe Road Rescue

Once again a Nairn Resident comes to the rescue and informed me that they had a Mother duck with 4 surviving ducklings in their garden.
Glebe Road seems to be a favoured nesting spot for the ducks, it does back onto Viewfield with many shrub filled gardens, quiet safe, and ideal for hiding a nest.

Young Ellen Gardner was a big help while trying to capture the Mother duck and her brood, trying not to spook the Mother so much that she would fly off and leave her babies. We managed after some near misses to get all the family, then back to the coop for warmth, food and water. Ellen said that the gulls and crows had already taken some of the brood, which is not surprising since all the ones hatched on the lower river have been taken with no survivors.

As it happens I will be releasing the rescued Blondie harbour street duck and her brood of 9 later this week, this will allow me the room to keep this new brood for a few weeks to give them a chance of survival.

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