Wednesday, 8 July 2015


Once again the weather takes a downturn, lets hope it's short. Today I saw a new duckling brood of 7 on the river this morning, no sign later in the evening. 

The Crows have so far taken all the ducklings from the lower river this season, around 100 that I'm aware of. Today I watched a hoodie Crow glide down beside a sitting duck , making her move because it thought she had some ducklings underneath her- these predators are getting totally out of hand ! 

Yesterday the mother with two remaining ducklings lost one to a black backed gull whom she tried desperately to stop, and by the evening she had lost the last one, like the weather it is truly depressing. Ducks have a really hard time trying to save their young from so many predators.

By contrast the Swans are doing well, and the Cygnets are thriving. 

Penny is moulting and has lost her flight feathers - she will be flightless for another 5 weeks, but Popeye retains his to defend the cygnets until Penny is back in the air.

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