Monday, 30 November 2015


POPEYE UPDATE: Transportation of Popeye from Fishcross has been delayed until later today. He will now most likely be kept overnight in Inverness before release tomorrow.

Have just heard from Scottish SPCA that Popeye will be coming home tomorrow !
This news has made my day, and I look forward to returning him to his family in the River tomorrow.
Penny has stoically looked after all the cygnets for the last 3 weeks herself, and I will be fascinated to see the reaction when they all meet again. 

The SPCA inspector said that I got Popeye to the Vet in the nick of time, since he was suffering from a bacterial infection. Keeping a daily routine watch on them has it's advantages, for spotting health issues and other problems.


Elaine said...

Fantastic news Joe!

jayteescot1 said...

Yeah I'm delighted with the result. I hope the weather doesn't delay his return. Will try and get some video of the homecoming !