Friday, 6 November 2015

Popeye Taken To Vet

UPDATE : Have just received a Call from the Scottish SPCA at the Vets. X-ray shows nothing, but he is running a very high temperature - off the scale ! He has been put on a drip and high dose of antibiotics since this could be a bacterial infection. He will be kept for 48 hours at the vets to see how he responds.

Our resident Cob ( Popeye ) has been taken to the Vet in Inverness.

                     I noticed since Wednesday he has been increasingly lethargic, no appetite, and keeping himself away from the the rest of the Family.

This set alarm bells ringing and I decided he had to get medical attention. I managed to wade under the road bridge and catch him with some difficulty on the slippery stones, he was quite weak.

With the help of Morag our Trust secretary, we took him home to await Scottish SPCA transport to the Vets in Inverness.

Before he went, I checked his exterior and inside his mouth and upper throat for possible injury or fish hooks, but could see nothing.

                          I have asked for an x-ray to check for lead poisoning, and also Botulism or any other bacterial infection.
He was in good health up until last Tuesday night, so I hope they can find out the problem and treat it right away.  He is not a happy boy and very weak, although he is heavy enough to fight illness. Penny will be looking and calling for him, although she knows he is ill and been keeping himself away from the cygnets.

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