Sunday, 6 December 2015

Joy and Sadness - MILLIE 1999 - 2015

This week has been an emotional roller coaster for me. With the Joy of getting Popeye back, then the sadness of the cygnets getting chased away. Today the ultimate sadness, with the passing of my faithful friend Millie. 

She had a mini stroke this morning and I had to make the dreaded call to the Vet, something I delayed for several months as old age took it's toll.

Although she could no longer get about much, her quality of life was still enjoyed, and she had her half dozen high points every day up until yesterday.

 I got her as a pup and she was a delight as all dog owners know. 

                                     I can honestly say she did not have a bad hair on her body. At 16 years and 3 months she lived an exceptional long life for a Labrador.

Her favourite game was a tug of war with me and two plastic bottles, something we did for many years. 

Her first 8 years she had 3 walks a day, then 2 walks a day until 12, then one a day until 2 years ago. Maybe it was her genes, or maybe it was some of my porridge every day - or a combination of both.

 She will be sorely missed -  I had the joy , now the sadness. Farewell Millie.


Jock said...

Joe ever so sorry to hear about Millie, she was a great dog and had a wonderful life but it comes to us all but that doesnt make it any easier for yourself but you never know the next time i see you it will be with a lead around a wee pups neck--cheers Joe--RIP MILLIE XX.

jayteescot1 said...

Thanks for the Comment Jock, it's hard to be without my faithful dog after 16 years. I'm too old and unfit to have another Pup now, as you know dogs need at least a couple of good walks a day. I have another 150 pets on the river that keep me occupied meanwhile.

Jemma Cameron said...

Joe, so sorry to see this. Millie was a lovely lovely girl. I think though to experience the heartbreak and sadness of losing a dog means you have been lucky enough to have had the joy and companionship of one. My parents lost their dog a year ago and it was a sad sad time - I might add they too said they were too old/unfit for a puppy, however, fast forward a year and they have a 10 month old setter bouncing around the place.... Couldn't do without one! That said, it's a horrible time for you - thinking of you!

Elaine said...

Ahh Joe, So sorry to read about Millie. She was a true gentle beauty, and I loved meeting her on the river when we first arrived in Nairn. She'd come running up, tail wagging, excited to meet pretty much anyone who was willing to talk to her. You will have many happy memories of her.
Don't rule out another completely, there are plenty old boys n girls out there needing an adoptive loving home, that won't run you ragged like this little brown thing at my feet just now (Peaceful only, as she's sleeping). Time will tell, once you move on from your loyal friends passing. Sad news.

Elaine said...

P.S .... Just giggled at that pic with the seagull.... Is that Steven? :D

jayteescot1 said...

Thanks for all the sympathy and nice comments folks, Millie sure was a lovable pooch. Having to re - adjust my habits now, will take some getting used to after 16 years !

That was Steven the seagull with Millie.