Saturday, 12 March 2016


The River Nairn Swans and Waterfowl Trust have won our bid for £800 from the Nurturing Nairnshire funding event. The Trust would like to thank all those People who gave up their Saturday morning to vote for me and our project to enhance the Nairn Riverside. I would also like to thank everyone who voted for me from those organisations present, it is greatly appreciated.

My sympathies to the very worthy groups and individuals who were not successful, I feel so many were good causes and good motives who were denied the funding. 

There were 32 groups and projects in for funding, but only 14 were successful. I was dreading the event, for I have never spoken to a large audience before, and as it happens I missed out a paragraph of my speech due to nerves. Had I been addressing a flock of 100 or more swans and ducks I would have been in my element !!

That said, the event went better than most would have anticipated, it seemed overly long for some, and the auditorium sound left much to be desired by me and others I think. The variety of good causes and willing volunteers was a credit to Nairn. Everyone who registered to vote, had 5 votes to cast, in my case only a few of my choices came through as winners. I will now get the ball rolling to get the promised trees and shrubs organised for planting along the lower riverside.

Most of these will be cell grown and take years to mature, the shrubs and bushes will be quicker to get established. There are many areas of the Town that could be utilised for enhancement, by planting trees bushes and shrubs of all descriptions. There is nothing nicer than a Town that is well endowed with plant life. Scotland has a short Summertime, and anything we can do to make it vibrant, colourful, more pleasant and attractive should be welcomed. 

The Trust will continue to improve the riverside and care for the wildlife for the benefit of all. If there are people out there who have potted up any broom, gorse, rowan or bird cherry trees, and don't need them you can always pass them on to us and we'll get them planted along the  lower riverside ! 

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George Berryman said...

Well done Joe getting this through, now lets get the Riverside at its best with Nature and Beauty !