Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Ducklings Delight

With all the focus on our new cygnets, our new seasons ducklings are missing out. 

Have no fear they are alive and well under the care of the Trust. The eldest will be released in a couple of weeks, when safe from Crows and gulls.

Meanwhile the incubator brood are thriving and enjoying the run of the place, the two yellow ones are just gorgeous and I will be tempted to keep one for breeding next year. All previous white ones have been killed on the river, and I hate the idea of the these suffering the same fate.

The mother with five in the outhouse is doing well, and her little ones enjoy all mod cons as the short video clip shows.


Anonymous said...

Maybe look for a quiet area of water to release the white ones such as a pond or small lake?

jayteescot1 said...

Yeah it's a difficult one, they are gregarious creatures and these ones have not had the experience of a mother to guide them. I will not be releasing any of the ducklings below the road bridge this year, in the hope that they will stand a better chance upstream.