Saturday, 28 May 2016

Moonwalking Duckling

Last week I discovered that one of the ducklings belonging to the mother with 5 in the coop, had a problem with balance and walking. It had a tendency to shuffle and Moon walk backwards and was smaller than the other siblings.
I took it to the vet to check if it was a physical problem, like tendons or ligaments on the right leg.

After a physical examination, the Vet concluded that it was not physical but neurological. There is no way it can survive in the wild, so I may have to keep it as a pet or have it put to sleep. This is quite a dilemma , for at the moment I am caring for 42 ducklings and 3 mother ducks which pretty much takes up my whole day. Meanwhile I will keep the Moonwalker and see if it shows any signs of improvement as it grows up - it is only barely 6 weeks old just now. It seems to have all it's senses, and is able to eat and swim erratically trailing the right leg.  

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