Friday, 3 June 2016

Angel Wing Fix

One of the ducklings from Riverpark appears to be developing Angel wing, which I have had to bandage in order to correct it. Angel wing it seems can either be genetic or due to a high protein diet according to the experts. In view of the fact that all 42 ducklings in my care have been given the same diet, I can only assume that this instance is most likely to be genetic.

Angel wing starts when the wing feathers are growing rapidly and the weight of blood makes them droop, which is not a problem except when they turn outwards away from the body of the bird. This can lead to malformation of the wings and eventually render the bird unable to fly. Correction is relatively simple, by bandaging the wing into the correct position for 5 days or so. Care has to be taken not to make it too tight as to restrict the blood supply.

The diet should also be mainly vegetation, such as lettuce, greens, fresh grass, and thawed garden peas. This little fellow should be OK in a few days time.

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