Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Drakes Still OTT

It might be a week from Mid Summer, but in this part of the world we are still waiting for summer !! It still feels like April, and the Drakes on the river are still over the top when it comes to chasing the females. I had to rescue another female today who had been pounced on badly by the drakes. 

She had an injured foot, and wounds on her head and back. I was able to take her home and give her some treatment by way of anti bacterial cream on the external wounds, and oral antibiotic and anti inflammatory. As it happens she is known to me, and could well be the mother of the incubator ducklings, if not then she is certainly the sister of that same family.

She seems very much at home in the brooder box since she has been there before as a duckling !

This has temporarily displaced the injured young wood pigeon who is doing well, but has lost many feathers after the Crow attack.

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