Monday, 11 July 2016

Are Gulls Getting Smarter ?

Four years ago I did a posting on Gulls after the usual summer gurns about the mess they create etc. 

One of the photos I then published above, showed a gull getting easy access to a litter bin. I passed the same bin today and the gull was still able to access the bin - even though it had been moved away from the wall that it previously used for access.

 Quite simply the bin has not been designed to be bird proof, a simple sharp conical top would prevent the gull from gaining access to the bin. However we still need to make sure bins are not overflowing and emptied in good time.

                              I still think my posting of 4 years ago is as valid today as it was then.

As for gulls getting smarter, I watched a black backed gull pull a hefty salmon from the water today on the riverside, then joined by a mate for a lovely salmon meal !

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