Friday, 22 July 2016

Crow Deterrent and Ducklings

Being of a certain age I draw on life's experiences and recall the days when farmers found it necessary to hang dead crows on their fences to protect their livestock. With this in mind after the loss of Blondies ducklings last week, and previous success on the Swans island, I hung 2 dead crows on the island strip used by the ducks - and a favoured killing ground of the Crows.

Our last remaining river brood of 5 ducklings and their mum have made quick use of this windfall, and now park themselves directly under the hanging dead Crow !! (Pic above ) Out smarting the Crows seems to be the only option to help our vulnerable water birds. I also observed an article on BBC website about the New Scientist discovery that ducklings are capable of abstract  thought. I think witnessing our ducks on the riverside sometimes confirms this.

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