Monday, 25 July 2016

Operation Cygnet Rescue

One of our Cygnets was looking miserable and not feeding yesterday evening. After careful observation I saw nylon fishing line going from the side of it's bill down to it's left side.  This meant a rescue operation and probable removal of hook and line. I arranged the rescue with back up from Inspector Anne Shewan of the Scottish SPCA Inverness today. Knowing the best chance to catch the cygnet was at feeding time, sure enough the capture was easy enough, but my worst fears were realised. Not only did the cygnet have a double fly hook stuck in it's left side, but the nylon line was down it's throat and would not budge. After I removed the external hook,  Anne took it to Moray Coast vets, where they determined that another hook was lodged in it's throat.

UPDATE: Anne has just informed me that the operation was successful and the hook and line was removed.
The cygnet is now on a drip and antibiotics, and will be kept overnight for observation. More details tomorrow.
I dread irresponsible fishing around the harbour and lower river at this time of year.

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