Sunday, 28 August 2016

Two - getherness

Lot of activity the past few days and nice to have the glorious weather as well, Popeye and Penny looking great . 

 The mother with 9 ducklings put into the river the other day disappeared straight down to the harbour, this was her territory and taking the ducklings back there.
 She was missing one and I discovered that it has joined the previous 8 released early last week, they all knew each other anyway since they were only separated by the aviary wire mesh.

Finally, the two call ducklings are inseparable and I'm glad they have each other for company.
It has been a successful week.


Wendy Grocott-Jones said...

Hi Joe, you remember the cygnet with angel wing on the Sankey canal, who was treated by the Yorkshire Swan Rescue Hospital? Well we have had to rescue him again! I found him the other day with a plastic ring caught round the lower beak. He could neither drink, eat nor swallow as the ring had worked its way right down as far as it could go and had trapped his tongue. Chris and I managed to lift him off the water and remove the offending article and release him back on the water. He swam across the canal, flapping his wings and making a lot of noise. I said he was saying "thank you" but Chris said he was swearing at him for catching him again! He loves to eat freshly pulled clover and grass, like his dad, Vulcan, but he hates shredded lettuce just like his mum, Venus! Can I ask, will he learn to fly on his own? He had to be separated from the family when they started to attack him on his return. They are on the top pound and Gabriel is on the bottom pound. Will instinct kick in? He may see his siblings practising overhead. His mum has flown down to spend time with him on two occasions that we know of so far. Thanks.

jayteescot1 said...

Glad you came to the rescue once again. There are many hazards for wildlife and most of them man made now.
I am pretty sure he will learn to fly on his own. However the dangers will be inexperience which could result in accidents like flying into wires or bridges etc. I think his mum will encourage him to fly and hopefully join them when they do start.
Are you sure you cant put him back with his family, and give it another go ? It would be best to put him straight in beside his siblings and not apart if you can. Biting each other on the neck is normal by the way. If the cob wanted to seriously hurt him he would use his wings and not just nip his neck.