Friday, 30 September 2016


There were so many magic moments with Popeye and the Swans over the last 11 years. I have dug out some photos as one does at a time like this. Being allowed to stand guard over the hatched cygnets, him on one side of the nest and me on the other,  sheer magic!

The look in the eye, the nod of the head, the whistle and grunts, and there was some painful ones too !

Like the time he gave me a beating as I removed fishing tackle from Penny, it resulted in a cracked rib and quite a bit of bruising, but all was forgiven, and within days we were back to normal.

Then the joy when he was reunited with the family after last years illness, short video to the left entitled Happy Homecoming, have a look if you haven' t seen it before. 

What a legacy, having fathered 62 cygnets in  9 years, these offspring will be scattered all over the highlands by now.


Magic Moments indeed. Farewell Popeye.

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