Sunday, 11 September 2016

Privileged Trust

The more I find out about other species, the more I realise how privileged I am to have formed a trusting bond with them. Taking the time patience and effort to observe and understand them, makes me realise that as human species we are in the privileged position to understand, appreciate and befriend all other species on the planet if we so desire.

The natural world is a treasure for all of us to wonder and observe, to me it is spiritually uplifting. Today I was privileged to be left in charge of a brood of 9 ducklings on the river, this was in the middle of dozens of other birds and predators too.

The Mother duck I had been catering to over the past month while nesting,  decided to stretch her wings with her mate and flew up river about 50 yards leaving me totally in charge of her brood at my feet, this was the ultimate trust that another species bestowed on me.

When nesting and calling her daily, giving her a feed when she left the nest for a break, a bond was being created. 

She hatched 10 ducklings on the first of September and had no qualms about bringing them close to me for a feed, this is now a twice daily occurrence which I am privileged to do. 
The food is a combination of mealworm and porridge oats, and the ducklings gorge themselves, especially last thing before retiring  for the night. So far she has lost only one duckling about a week ago, and I'm hopeful she will be the most successful duck on the river this year.

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