Sunday, 2 October 2016

New Trust Rehab Facility

Having cared for over 60 ducklings and over a dozen other birds this season , the workload and facilities were pushed to the limit at my premises.

Constantly changing bathing water tubs as well as feeding and cleaning, I decided to dig a decent sized pond in the garden ! 

This will be an additional facility for use by the Trust, it will be particularly useful when I have full aviaries with duckling broods, they need plenty of bathing facilities and space.

                        I dug the pond out in a couple of days, and with the help of Martin our Chairman who provided and cut the slabs, I finished it in another day. 

It's even deep enough to cater to a sick or injured swan. 

I'm quite pleased with the results, and so are the call ducks and dwarf Mallard who were first to try it out today ! 


Wendy Grocott-Jones said...

Well done, the new facilities look great, Joe. We have a new visitor on our canal, a white mallard duck like the one in your photos. Is it a leucistic mallard, having yellowy-white feathers, pale feet and legs?

jayteescot1 said...

Hi Wendy, the pond is doing what I hoped, they love it!

The white one was hatched along with another, the mother was a dark Mallard but her mother was light coloured, so maybe it's in the genes somewhere. There are white Campbells and Pekin ducks which also look the same, but I don't know what hybrid it's from , but it is a yellowy white.