Friday, 7 October 2016

Penny Returns - Alone

Looks like Penny has started to offload the Cygnets and turn a new page in her life story. I did not see her or the cygnets yesterday but today she was in the river alone this morning. 

This evening again alone up by the merryton bridge, she was happy to see me and enjoyed a full feed, and looks in great condition.

One interesting event was the single swan out in the bay, flew overhead twice and Penny did not flare out her wings, she knows this particular swan and from the photos I took, I think it's a female and no threat to her. The recent disappearances for 2 days at a time seems to be as I thought, that she is escorting the cygnets to another area with other swans ready for the final push. Even if they come back now it wont be long before they go for keeps, they are 5 months old and the weather is perfect for departure.

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