Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Seven In River Heaven.

The 7 lucky ducklings that have just spent the last 8 weeks at the rectory garden, were finally escorted down to the riverside by trust members Alison and Chris Reid. Down Queen and rose street to the river at the old cemetery, watching out for dogs and traffic. 

The mother duck was happily in front and pleased to return to the river, where they met up with the September brood of 9, approx the same age so there will be some fun to be had for all of them.

All went well until we saw the smallest of the brood being picked on by all the others. Later I had to rescue it when it got separated from the brood who headed back up river. I will keep it safe until it's wings are developed enough to get it out of danger.

Meanwhile it has an aviary all to itself with all mod cons.

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