Friday, 4 November 2016


In spite of 4 missing petition sheets, having been removed from some shop locations and the caravan site, the petition has more than achieved it's goal by 20% - topping 1200 signatures !  It seems that the facebook low life extended to removing democratically given signatures by Nairn Residents. No matter, it is obvious there has been an overwhelming thumbs up for the Trust proposals for a designated wildlife area on the lower river. It will be interesting to see if 1200+ peoples wishes, can persuade our 4 councillors to take action for the good of the Town and the wildlife ?
There were some very eloquent comments added to some signatures, and the local and global response was truly inspiring. My heartfelt thanks to all of you !

Meanwhile the Trust carries on with caring for the wildlife on the river , now feeling the cold long dark nights.

The rectory runt is growing but has fallen prey to ill health, so I have taken it inside for some special TLC. Hopefully it will recover soon.    

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