Wednesday, 16 November 2016

President Out Of Touch

This weeks Nairnshire Telegraph gives a partial account of last weeks River community council meeting when I hoped to address some regional councillors. 

None of the 4 councillors were present, but I thought I might as well let the Community councillors hear what I had in mind.This must have been to the delight of the President of the Nairn angling Association, Willie Barron - since he appeared to come to the meeting just to attack me and the Swans Island. He claimed the swans Island was "disastrous", which shows just how out of touch he is. The Swans island has been a fantastic success, not only for the Swans but the whole Town of Nairn. Since it's creation the swans have successfully reared 62 cygnets to full fledge, giving untold pleasure to thousands of locals and visitors during the past 9 years. It has also successfully produced many duck broods as well.

The island was carefully positioned in a spot which had no bearing on the run of the river or it's fishing or fish.
This latest claim is as out of touch as his assertion, that this tiny island could cause the flooding of Fishertown.

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