Monday, 5 December 2016

Freezing Fog

Hardest winter frost yet, woke up to pretty thick ice on the duck pond, birds ravenous and thirsty today.

Fairly dense freezing fog blanket earlier this morning. Penny and Duke still have the 2 orphan cygnets tagging along. 

The latest one from the Dunbar golf course appears to have been shot as well.

Had a close look at it today and noticed a few shotgun pellet holes in it's feet, looks like one of the cowboys has let loose with a small bird shot shell as it flew over. There's no excuse for shooting at a Swan, young or old it is illegal !

Was so cold today that droplets of water were frozen on the cygnets back, my feet were numb as well !

I think the local pigeons are putting the word around that medical attention can be had at my door !  On opening the door the other day I found a pigeon huddled at the step, I picked it up and gave it a quick look see. 

Later after examination of it's poop it appears to be suffering from Salmonellosis, a deadly bacterial infection. I have started treatment with antibiotics, but it may be too late to save it, time will tell.

The other 2 shot pigeons have survived, which is quite a surprise considering one of them was so very badly wounded.

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