Saturday, 3 December 2016

Ignorance Is Not Bliss - It's Just Ignorance

Noted last week that another letter to the Editor of the Nairnshire Telegraph, from one of the Fishertown clique. It was an echo of a previous critic, bleating about how there were too many ducks on the riverside at the Merryton bridge, waiting on their food. He mentioned that the river was 58 kilometres long and it was not natural that all the ducks were down at the tidal reaches. He fails to understand that it is natural for the ducks to congregate in a tidal estuary, especially during winter where there is a food source, not only provided by the trust. Birds have been around longer than humans, yet humans still think they know what's best for every other species on the Planet, while we carry on destroying the climate and almost everything we touch ! Like migrants who leave their ravaged countries for safety and food, ducks have the same survival instinct as any other living thing. For Ducks there is safety in numbers, they also spend the winter months sussing each other out and pairing up. In spring they will start to disperse all along the river to nest. It is therefore not surprising and very natural, that they seek the safety and food available at the Merryton bridge. If they were elsewhere at this time of year they could be shot on sight. Another reason why The River Nairn Swans and Waterfowl Trust want this to be a recognised designated wildlife haven / safe zone !

In addition he echoed the nonsense that the Swans Island was a flooding threat to Fishertown, this once again is ignorance talking, but more likely an attempt to keep in with a golfing buddy who made the same previous petty and ignorant comment. Can I just inform my viewers that both these gentlemen have an intense dislike of me, what a pity that they would sacrifice the greater good just to get at me !!

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