Friday, 6 January 2017

Trust Accounts for 2016

Have just completed the Annual accounts for the Trust. It has been an extremely busy year in every sense.

The total income for the Trust was £3075-74, This includes membership fees and the £800 awarded to us for Tree planting and bird rescue service.
Outgoings were £3752- 81 giving us a deficit again totalling £677-67.
The Trust has just increased it's annual membership fee to £20 which will include all members of the same family living at the same address. It is hoped this will help eliminate the annual deficit.
As founder and Treasurer I will pay the deficit meanwhile to help keep the Trust in the black.  

We successfully helped rescue some 62 Ducklings this year, as well as 2 dozen other bird species. Sadly we could not save Popeye this time.

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