Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Duke Attacked !

After 2 weeks in rehab, Duke was returned to the River today. I was told yesterday that his return would be about 4pm, I waited for a call from the SPCA to meet at the river. I never got the call because my phone was engaged, so the SPCA dropped Duke in the river around 2.30pm. 

This was a bit of a disaster because the tide was still coming in and suited the 2 new incomer swans. When I got down  Duke was being driven out of the river by the 2 newcomers, exactly as they had done with Penny yesterday.

They are on a roll, having only to deal with one swan at a time and being much younger they were highly aggressive.

Duke looked in good condition but I sensed a weakness about him, and he is still not eating much, which is a major concern. Unless he can get it together with Penny , they will lose the territory to the new pair.

They have laid claim to the island by walking over it several times.
I'm pretty certain the female is one of Penny's offspring from 4 or 5 years back, she seemed very familiar with the territory, whereas the cob wasn't.
I waited until dark and Duke was still in the river about 100 yards from the pair. We shall see what tomorrow brings, hopefully Duke and Penny will meet up soon. I cannot see Penny giving up this home without a fight, It's the only home she has ever had !  

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